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FAQs - Pre-Session

How should I prepare for the session?

You and I will discuss in detail how to best prepare for a session, but here are a few tips:



Schedule your session on a day that is free from other appointments (i.e. dog daycare, vet appointments, play dates, etc.).


Always have your pet’s favorite treat on hand, but please do not give them treats until we decide it is necessary during the session.


I always suggest a good brushing before the session. If you regularly groom your pet, please schedule the appointment as close to the session as possible. Feeding time: Keep your pet’s feeding time consistent with his or her regular schedule.


If your pet is typically high in energy, a short walk before the session may be a good idea. We’ll discuss your pet’s individuality during the pre-session consultation to determine what is the best approach for you and your pet.


In general, it would be best to save your pet’s energy for the session, but again, we’ll discuss this individuality during your pre-session consultation. Pet’s Wardrobe: I prefer to take “naked” photos of pets (no collars or clothing), but if you have a special collar or piece of clothing you’d love to have your pet wear, I could definitely include it in the session. 


Your Wardrobe:
I recommend clothing that has color.  Black clothing, while it can be flattering, will show a lot of pet hair. Stay away from busy patterns and logos. If you are being photographed with more people, be sure to coordinate with others in terms of colors. I would be happy to discuss specific details during your pre-session consultation appointment.

FAQs - Session

What is your availability for sessions? How long does it take to schedule a session?

I prefer to schedule on weekdays; however, I am happy to accommodate weekend sessions, as I understand weekdays are not always possible.

Metro Manila and Calabarzon: Sessions are scheduled on availability. I strongly recommend scheduling at least two weeks in advance. During holiday seasons, I recommended that you schedule as far in advance as possible. A minimal transportation add-on fee applies for locations that will require us to travel beyond 50-km radius from our location. Our team is predominantly based in Nuvali, Laguna. 

Other destinations in South Luzon and Bicol regions: Pre-COVID, we frequently travel to locations within South Luzon and Bicol, and from time-to-time, we would arrange scheduled sessions. While there is no set schedule to date due to travel restrictions, I suggest you sign up for my mailing list (just send me an email and I’ll add you) so you will be notified of our next trip.  

Outside these scheduled trips, we are open to conducting destination shoots. Please inquire regarding your specific needs so we can discuss rates and transportation coverage. 

Where do your sessions take place?

I specialize in outdoor lifestyle photoshoot that is unique to you and your loved ones. We prefer taking photos at your home or home garden, nearby clubhouse, outdoor parks, or similar where you and your pets are most comfortable. Pets tend to be most relaxed and less distracted in a familiar environment. If you have another place in mind outside your home, we are happy to explore new locations. Some public places or parks within a private/commercial property may require a permit to conduct a photoshoot. While we can help in the logistics of securing a permit, any upfront costs are shouldered by the client. 

What is a typical session like? Are you really going to photograph my pet for 3 hours?

We’ll discuss this during your pre-session consultation, but each session is unique. I usually begin by greeting your pet and making sure everyone is comfortable. If I haven’t already previewed the location, I will spend time determining the best place(s) to create the portraits. The session’s “flow” consists of set up, photographing, taking breaks, playing, and breakdown of equipment. I will not be photographing for 3 hours straight.

How many images do you take in a session?

The number of images varies. While I may take a couple of hundred images during a session, they will be carefully edited down to the best photographs for you to view. I always provide a large sampling of imagery from which to choose (typically 20-40 images in quantity depending on the session).

Will I need to be in the room/vicinity during the session?

If I am taking individual images of your pet, I may ask you to stay nearby so your pet is comfortable. Oftentimes, I ask that the owner allow me to work completely alone with his/her pet in order that I may have the pet’s undivided attention. I will be sure to communicate with you during the entire process.


I have a big family. How many people can be in the photos?

Each session package includes a certain number of “subjects” (Please review the Investment section for more details). I currently have no limit on the number of people included as long as they are all immediate family members. With a large number, however, I may suggest multiple sessions to ensure full coverage and variety.

FAQs - Collections

What is included in the Session Package?

Please refer to the Pricing and Packages section for details.

I have multiple pets. How many pets can be in the photos?

Each session package includes a certain number of “subjects” (Please review the Book A Session section for more details). I currently have no limit on the number of pets included. With a large number, however, I may suggest multiple sessions to ensure full coverage and variety.

Can I be in the photographs?

Absolutely! I photograph people quite often and love capturing the bond between pet and owner and/or pet and child. Please inquire about which session package is best for you and how many subjects you’d like included.

Can I purchase digital files? Are digital files included in my session package?

I offer digital files in some of my Treasured Pawtrait Packages. Single digital files are not available for purchase at this time. Please refer to the Pricing and Packages section or contact me for more details.

FAQs - Post-Session

What happens after the session?

About a week after the session, you will receive an invite for a gallery preview and a session slideshow. Included in your Session Package is a one-person image consult appointment to review your images and place your order. During this meeting, we will discuss layout options, select your favorite images, and decide the best way for you to enjoy these images in your home.

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