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Furry Friend Photography

Hello and thank you for visiting Frisky Pawtraits Pet Photography.  We are in the business of creating memories with your pets, and we want to make sure that you get to enjoy them everyday.


Each session with Frisky Pawtraits is personalized and custom designed to fit your needs and tastes. If this is the service you’re looking for, have a look at our pricing and book a session today.

Meet Jaycee

Welcome to Frisky Pawtraits!

My name is Jaycee, the official pet photographer, and I have the best job in the world!  I specialize in dog and cat photography that shows the personality of your pet in the natural environment, in action or not. 


I am a certified pet lover, growing up with aspins and puspins in our household.  Along the twists and turns of life, pets have grounded me with their unbridled affection and loyal companionship. It is here that I immersed myself in a passion for pet portraiture and that's how Frisky Pawtraits was born.

After many years as a professional pet photographer, I've successfully worked with hundreds of pets at every level of training and every personality type under the sun. I've learned many tips along the way. My sessions are about capturing personality, character, heart and soul.


Founder (Frisky Pawtraits Pet Photography, LAMPS Photography)

Animal welfare advocate (supporting Animal Kingdom Foundation, Laguna Pit Bulls Sanctuary, Philippines Animal Welfare Society, and Hound Haven Philippines)

Proud fur parent (Bella Poopy, Julio, Deca, Pimpy, Decko, Li'l Deca, and many others who crossed the rainbow bridge)

Award Winner (Grand Prize Winner, International Farmers Summit Philippines 2020 Pet Photography contest)

Educator/Resource Speaker (Petcast Series 2020, Canon PH Furtography Talk, Canon PH Pet Photography MasterclassUPLB Office of Counselling and Guidance Animal-Assisted Program)

Author (Quick Guide to Indoor Pet Photography E-book)

My lifelong pursuit is to promote animal compassion and companionship through pet photography.  I would be honored if we could work together to create awesome images that you will treasure for life.  For more information about me and my photography, contact me today!

Jaycee with fur kids, Bella Poopy and Julio the cat

{Founder & Photographer}

Based in Laguna, Philippines

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"More than mere pets, our  fur babies are family."

-Nicole Begley


"I am amazed on how cute the photos are despite my babies not being trained to do simple tricks and all.  It was indeed fun just watching while it is happening, especially when my cat Luffy whom I presumed to be the most difficult one to deal with turned out to be the most cooperative and well behaved which made me so proud. I kind of feel like a stage mom for a bit (lol)! 


So the entire activity has actually helped me get to know more about my babies, it was fun and really exciting! It helped a lot that Jaycee, our official photographer loves furbabies naturally and was able to form a bond with them instantly in such a short period of time.  Thanks again for the lovely photos!"

- Maricel Villanueva

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