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New year, new surprises: Frisky Pawtraits ushers into new and bold ventures in 2021

What better way to welcome the new year in a new place than to kick off the first installment of the Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle Photo Shoot Series in Nuvali, Laguna. It has been a bleak year for most of us, and the pet events and the photography industry are not exempted. The slow year though, gave us some time and headspace to think of new and exciting things for Frisky Pawtraits . 2021 started to be a busier time for us to actualize all the prior year's plans.


If you've come across the brand in one of the many pet events hosted by Paws and Tails Events Management, you would most likely remember us taking pet pawtraits in an event booth. Every once in a while, we will take in requests of fur parents to squeeze in the frame. For the most part, we couldn't say no. Remembering these occasions is what sparked us to tinker on what we've wanted to explore for a long time- a new photography style that truly reflects what Frisky Pawtraits is all about.

We are in the business of creating memories, and we think the best memories with our pets happen outside a studio or a makeshift booth at that! Before Jaycee officially became a pet photographer, she started as a landscape photographer. Taking photos of nature, sunsets, beaches, and the outdoors are what her photos were all about. In 2017, she took more photos of pets, and it happened when pet photography hasn't reached the tipping point locally. Pet photography has gained some traction in the last couple of years, with its popularity growing in the direction of studio style and pet events. You can take a photo anywhere where you can set up a white canvas and don some props, and with proper lighting, you are all set.

After years of doing that, Frisky Pawtraits is slowly embracing what Jaycee thought is a happy marriage of both genres: nature and pet photography. "Over the years of me taking pet photos, I am happiest when I see them enjoying their time with their owners and families, mostly running around, in an environment that allows them to be comfortable," Jaycee shares. "That happiness grows bigger when I see pet parents appreciate how their photos turn out to be one of a kind. Whenever they say, 'I never thought I'd be able to get a good picture of my pet because they are always either running too fast or they are too shy,' – that fortifies my solid love for this style."
It is not trailblazing, nor the first of its kind; many other pet photographers in other countries are practicing this, inspiring Jaycee to also venture into it. "We have so many beaches and nature spots locally, and sometimes you don't even have to go that far – a photoshoot outside your garden is always a good start. I want to go beyond the usual box here- the studio & styled approach. All you need is to be up for the experience."


Frisky Pawtraits has always been headquartered in the Metro, with a huge share of clients and events in the city. Every once in a while, the team would be on their interim locations in Batangas and the Bicol region.

With the series of events in 2020, from Taal Eruption to Covid-19 community lockdowns, Frisky Pawtraits was forced to stay in one place and mostly kept engagements virtual. Now that lockdown restrictions already eased out, Frisky Pawtraits found its way in its new home in South Luzon- at the heart of Santa Rosa, Laguna, where nature is lush and vibrant outdoors is nothing but a regular sight to behold.
"Nuvali is the perfect location to launch our Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle Series. We are in the middle of nowhere – it seems – and I meant that in a good way," Jaycee quips. "But we are still accessible enough to go for a quick drive in the city or further down south for a beach and nature trip. A beach photoshoot with your pets is always lovely!"


Along with the shift in style is the opportunity to create a new experience for Frisky Pawtraits ' clients, both old and new. Each session now is personalized, and to make the most out of their time, pre-session consultations happen to brief fur parents on what to expect and for us to get to know their pets' temperament.

When the January series kicked off, we tapped couples with pets located in the area to participate in the 1st installment of our Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle Sessions. The outpouring number of responses is warm and welcoming! Here are just a few of our favorites from the photoshoots that happened within the last two months:
To read about their Frisky Pawtraits experience, click here.

Frisky Pawtraits also launched new package offerings this year, giving clients the flexibility to spend the amount they pay for wall print products and photo books. FP used to charge a fee for photo sessions alone, and prints are sold separately. New offerings bring more options with every client's budget in mind. The reservation fees can now be applied to have their favorite shots printed and framed – or a keepsake album that fur parents can treasure forever.

"We were surprised ourselves how the photo book products easily gained popularity. For those who cannot decide on one or two photos, the photo book collection is good value for money. This only proves that humans are by nature sentimental. While there are digital files, keepsakes and mementos never go out of style," Jaycee narrates. "I also made sure our new packages are loaded with freebies, including social media-ready files and a digital slideshow. These are instantly shareable on any social media platform. Framed photos are printed at superb quality, and my clients are involved every step of the way. I wouldn't want it any other way."
To learn more about Frisky Pawtraits updated packages, click here .


The amount of time all of us spent indoors allowed us to spend quality time with our families and pets. Our pets became an integral part of our Zoom meetings and have probably made us realize, especially during the first few months in lockdown, how they make everything seem alright. Gone were the days when the only time we had with them is to conduct routine feeding and grooming/walking out of necessity. If there's one thing this pandemic highlighted – the small moments we spend with our pets are the antidote to make our lackluster days bearable and even more memorable.

Frisky Pawtraits , more than ever, knew that it is those moments that we want to keep and cherish for a long, long time. To freeze that millisecond, so to speak, where you could remember how our fur families changed our lives for the better. Pet Photography as a genre has never been this relevant, and if you experienced it yourself, it is not just about taking good photos- it creates a whole new level of awareness on why our pets are not just pets.

Jaycee is inspired to have Nature and Outdoor Lifestyle Photo Shoot Series as a mainstay, inviting different demographics and exploring diverse and new outdoor locations in the South. With travel timelines and community quarantine guidelines ever-changing, Frisky Pawtraits is just happy to be shooting from its new home, meeting new people, unlocking new experiences, and, more importantly, bringing an immense amount of joy to fur families in the South.

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New year, new surprises: Frisky Pawtraits ushers into new and bold ventures in 2021
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