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This Awesome Journey

I recently started this awesome journey with my dog. Last week, I posted this video on my social media and you may have seen it. Watch it again, below. Nabitin ka? Haha! Ako din!
I wanted to show more of our amazing bond but the Hills Puppy Love video contest required a 15sec max video to qualify. Anyway, super happy talaga ako dito sa video!
Alam mo kung baket?
It's not because we won the contest (well, happy na din of course!) pero mas natutuwa ako sa progress namin ni Poopy!
See, we recently signed up to this online dog training program by Doggy Dan.
And I am seeing amazing results already! As you can see naman sa video, she is so behaved!
Dati, hindi ko sya mapaupo nang ganyan! As in! Kala ko bobo aso ko. (wow harsh!) Mali pala ako! I think she is the smartest dog I ever had! =) 
And alam nyo ba na napulot ('na-rescue') ko lang si Poopy sa loob ng subdivision namin when she was still a puppy 4 years ago? So I have no idea about her background, breed or bloodline (naks! bloodline).  But the program is working for us.
Proud Aspin owner here! ;-)
I am sharing my experience with you because I know most of you are dog owners and you might be in the same situation as I am. Also, I've seen first hand during pet events that some of our fur babies have a long way to go when it comes to behaving properly in public.
Anyway, that's it for now.
If you want to know more about Doggy Dan's program , click the link below to check out his website . Click here ==> Doggy Dan, The Online Dog Trainer
Watch out for my blog posts in the coming days as well because I will be sharing tips and helpful information about dog training. ;-)
'Til my next 'Poopy Journey' email,
Jaycee =)
Pet Photographer
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This Awesome Journey
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