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Discover 7 Pet Photography Techniques 

That Will Help You Achieve 

Beautiful Pet Photos

Using Any Camera

Learn pet photography while staying at home and support our animal welfare cause.

The Quick Guide to

Indoor Pet Photography

Learn simple techniques on how to take better pet photos while staying at home.


Spend more time with you fur baby and start sharing adorable pet photos on your social media.

Ebook by JayceeRP Frisky Pawtraits.png
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Support Our Cause

At the advent of the Covid19 pandemic, a lot of stray animals are going hungry on the streets with their feeders quarantined inside their homes.  


We are partnering once again with Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) to help feed the stray animals, as well as pet owners who are in need of pet food supplies.


Along with this e-Book, we would like to humbly ask for your donation of any amount to support AKF in their relief operations.


For more information, you can visit their website here

or visit their Facebook page.

Other means to donate:

GCASH - 0947 999 1678

BPI Account - AKF Inc. 1681 0015 88. 
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

RCBC Current - Animal Kingdom Foundation. 0046010931

BDO - Animal Kingdom Foundation. 0069 1011 0365. 

Swift Code: BNORPHMM. 
BR Code: 00691


M.Lhuillier: To: Animal Kingdom Foundation. No charges applied.


Best decision ever made! Such an easy read from start to finish, even for the non-photographers. Will definitely recommend to family and friends with pets so that they'll have more safe bonding moments at home.

Ms. Frennie Hernandez-Moll


Pet owner

Wonderful e-book! Indeed a simple guide with easy tricks for dummies who would like to capture the cuteness of their pets thru pictures. Thumbs up to the author! 

Mr. Macque Pilapil

National Sales Manager, Agriterra Corp.

Pet owner

Concise, all encompassing e-book on pet photography. The pictures say it all. Great read!

Ms. Grace Sardido-Pilapil

Freelancer Data Analyst

Pet owner

Have you ever had troubles taking good photos of your pet indoors? Have you ever looked at photos of your pet and wondered "Why do these look so bad?" Well, here's an easy guide on how to take good photos of your pet, free of charge! It's not a particularly dense read either.

Jam Patasin


Big brother to Nero the Dog

An easy to follow guide that will make you want to take those shots of your furbabies. This no fuss, direct to the point ebook can be your ally in making the artistic shots like the ones Jaycee makes. I'll try to take some for my social media accounts soon. Thanks Jaycee!

Ms. Isay Halaba

Founder, Pinoy Pet Community

Pet Owner

I like how it offers practical and easy to apply tips. I could instantaneously use them as I practice how to shoot. The language used is simple and can easily be followed by a beginner in photography. I also like how it has highlighted the differences in taking photos of different pets. One wouldn't think there will be a stark difference. The author shared throughout how you can sharpen your observation skills in order to ace your practice sessions each time.

Margaux Umali

RPO Data Manager, AMS

Crazy Cat Lady

Ebook by JayceeRP Frisky Pawtraits.png

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