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Your Experience Is Important To Us

It is our goal with every Frisky Pawtrait session to create a fun and memorable experience with your fur baby.  This experience is designed to capture your pet's personality and highlight everything you love about them because it's about time for your pets to shine!

As most of us are not used to experiencing a professional photo session, we will be hand-holding you in each step of the photography process.  

Poodle named Bubbles


"Oh my gosh! I am so awwed with your shots!   I am truly grateful for the session you shared with us. :)”

- Jenny B.



"Thank you for the amazing experience you have given Morgan! He enjoyed the place and company of the other dogs.  Kudos to the photographer for taking great shots and being patient with Morgan!   Hope to have more sessions and even more photos!!  Keep it up!"

- Lor Agbing

Mia the Siberian Husky


"Thank you very much Frisky Pawtraits for these wonderful shots!  So happy to finally have decent pictures taken by a real photographer with my baby girl Mia! "

- Rozella Espino

Begin With the End in Mind

 A photography experience is much more enjoyable if we have an idea of how we want to display our images after the session. As you browse through our print products, give some thought as to how you would most enjoy the images that we create together. You don’t have to make any final decisions now, that will be done after our session at our Post-session Consultation or the Reveal session. It’s just helpful to have an idea as I will shoot a session for an album a bit differently then if you are looking for one amazing statement piece for your home.

Our goal here is create something gorgeous that will not only will be proudly displayed in your home, but will become a treasured keepsake for years and years to come.

After each session, I show you some print samples so you can see the quality materials of our products, feel the texture of each print.  This will help you think about the art pieces to put up on your walls and keep sakes to display in your home.

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