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Frisky Pawtraits launches the #PetcastSeries

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

If the Frisky Pawtraits team were to name our quaranthings, pretty sure it will mostly revolve around taking photos of our pets at home and half the time learning how to not compete with the hours of sleep they've been getting.

It all started with idly thinking of a concept: something to fill our days and connect us with the fur parents, whom we were so accustomed to seeing on pet events during the weekends. The kinds of weekends we sorely miss. Then an idea hit us during one ordinary quarantine afternoon: why not encourage everyone to practice taking pet photos while we are forced to stay at home? The only positive spin we could think of out of this situation- and we're happy to become proponents of this. That's how the #PetcastSeries was born. Next thing we knew, we were going live and for the first time since the Luzon-wide lockdown, our daily routine has changed for the better.

In our debut episode last May 30, we talked about 5 tips on how to get started with pet photography. We have discussed this topic time and again, but we are always excited to share more of our trade secrets- encouraging the bond of pet owners and their beloved pets and taking good photos in the process. Nothing makes us more thrilled than seeing how our clients are learning and embracing pet photography.

During this episode, we also launched our first e-book "A Quick Guide to Indoor Pet Photography" to a wider audience by offering a free download. While our e-book is free to access, it was also meant to be a fundraiser for Animal Kingdom Foundation. Those who downloaded and were generous enough to donate any amount qualified to be part of a special raffle with vouchers from Photobook Philippines as prizes.

The afternoon was also made more fun by a virtual raffle with prizes from our event partner, Camanava Pack, and our sponsors Ezydog Philippines and media partner Animal Scene and Manila Bulletin.

Isay Halaba of Camanava Pack and Animal Kingdom Foundation shared the virtual stage as our host during our 1st episode of the #PetcastSeries

Jaycee Pilapil of Frisky Pawtraits in her element, talking about how to bring your pet photography skills to the next level

Occasionally, Frisky Pawtraits is feeling a little more generous in sharing more learnings to our audience. We are committed to always share content that is hefty with easy to follow tips, whether you are a beginner or have been following our YouTube channel for quite some time - there's without fail always something for everyone.

Animal Kingdom Foundation is the event beneficiary of all fundraising efforts throughout the #PetcastSeries. Frisky Pawtraits has been supporting AKF and its mission to feed and rehome rescued animals since 2018. To download our e-book and donate to AKF, visit:

Congratulations again to the winners of the #PetcastSeries virtual raffle:

Prizes from Camanava Pack:

- Regina Lim

- Anne Ruth Olin

- Jovencio Ubaldo

- Kira Ramirez

Prizes from Ezydog Philippines:

- Caleb D Chow

- Celina Ong

- Jhen Abcede

- Salee Marcelo

Kitty Purry listening intently during our 1st episode. She seemed picture ready already.

Frisky Pawtraits is excited to stream its next episode on June 27 with a new topic: Editing your pet photos using your smartphones. We expect those who have been with us during our premiere to join us along with some of the photos you have taken so far. We will be sharing for the first time the apps and useful tips we are using ourselves to enhance the photos we are taking- making them more vivid, visually stunning, and the kind that tells a good story.

Our #PetcastSeries is a virtual series meant for you and your fur babies to be entertained from the comfort of your

own homes. We stream topics of interest to the pet community once a month, with the hope to encourage pet owners everywhere to #stayathome. No long lines, no traffic, and no-frills - just good conversations, striking photos, and exciting prizes all in one picture-perfect afternoon.

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