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Morgan and I were late!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Frisky Pawtraits (FP) crew call time was 5AM. I was part of the FP crew, my dad and Morgan are the participants for the Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) Duo Run. Plus, Morgan was assigned as the mascot for FP - we’re talking about stage moms here. And because I was really excited as it was the first time for everybody, it took a lot of going about in the house preparing for Morgan’s “baon”, his water and his treats. It was actually easier to prepare what the humans needed.

Run Fur Life 3 - Duo Run

Luckily, Sunday morning traffic was not an issue, so we arrived around 5:30AM at Eton Centris. But we got to park around almost 6AM because Morgan had some drop off at the drop off area, and we caused a bit of a jam. Good thing the people in the car behind us were also going to the event and understood our ordeal.

Frisky Pawtraits Registration booth

The Frisky Pawtraits booth, was stationed at the side of the stage and can be easily seen by the people going around the area. It was a good idea for us to have the tarp that says it all which made it easier for us to get some attention. All the 'pawrents' were excited to have their photos taken with their furry babies; and the furry babies were really cute!


But I am more a fan of big dogs, so imagine my excitement when the pawrent of an Alaskan malamute approached our registration area to get their free photo shoot.

And because I was proudly fulfilling my duties as an FP crew, I actually lost track to check Morgan and my dad who did the 1K Duo Run. We were really happy that Morgan participated, though he got a bit scared when the siren went off. Good thing the FP crew was all over the place, and was able to get some shots of our mascot finishing his first ever fun run. I would say Morgan’s routine of waking me up at four in the morning and scratching on our dad’s bedroom door so they could do go out for their early morning run really paid off.

1k Duo Run finishers - Morgan and Dad

It was an overwhelming experience for all of us, and I am definitely looking forward to participate in future events like this. For sure Morgan will be there too!

Frisky Pawtraits Crew:

Lor Agbing

Chiqui Conde

Liza Agbing

Blog contributor:

Lor Agbing


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